A two-stone cat, has to be stopped from stealing food by putting locks on the fridge and cupboards

Whenever salvage feline Keith was taken on by Sara Matthews for her little girl Charlie’s celebration, Sara realized he accompanied a few clinical issues.

What she didn’t have the foggiest idea what that, only months subsequent to bringing the enormous person home, the 47-year-old individual partner would need to put childproof locks on her refrigerator to prevent Keith from getting in when he was feeling snacky.

‘As it’s gone on, we’ve needed to put an ever increasing number of locks on each pantry. It doesn’t make any difference whether it’s a roundabout handle or a pulley, he will track down a way in.

‘Due to his size, there is likewise a worry he probably won’t awaken from any sedative he has.

‘Regardless of whether they let us know something wasn’t quite right about his mind, there would be no treatment for it.

Despite the fact that he’s over two times the size of a standard grown-up feline, his size hasn’t prevented him from being cheerful and dynamic, and he cherishes playing with Sara’s girl Charlie, who has chemical imbalance.

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