A woman is amazed to discover a family of magic animals nestled in her dog’s bed

Ema noticed some strangers huddled together in the bed of her canine Merli at night. Ema saw 3 infants using the bed as a warm, secure refuge from the outside winds.

She quickly called assistance from rescue center, and the infants were shortly in good hands.

The discovery of the tiny animals seeking safety inside a home surprised workers. «Quendas usually live in yards and nearby bushlands.» It is not uncommon to see them if you live in the hills.

The nesting of these quendas in a canine’s bed on the house veranda, on the other hand, is completely unusual.

In an effort to educate people on what to do if you find these animals in need, the shelter posted a note in the internet.

The quendas will be kept at the shelter until they are old enough to be back into the wild.

The quendas now have everything they need to return to the bushland where they belong.

With a single phone call, Ema ensured that these infants were given the life they need.

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