After finding a family, the shelter’s longest resident falls asleep smiling

Despite his difficulties, the rescue dog was always a nice boy. The sweet puppy was already the oldest member at his local shelter.

His stay had already been lengthened because the small sanctuary was overcrowded.

Without a potential adopters in glance, the shelter contacted the Ohio County to see if they could help Pete find his forever home. Pete was immediately accepted.

The pup’s colourful personality taken employees by surprise at first, especially considering how many times he’d been underestimated at his past shelter.

«He was incredibly friendly and lighthearted from the first day,» Ralet said. «We just can not believe that no one was interested in him.»

Pete’s forever family saw the photo of the cute pup and knew right away that he possessed with them, according to Ralet.

Pete’s loving family took him in a month into his stay at the center. Pete quickly settled into his new place, washing up his new living with his dog brother and caring human siblings.

And yet, just as Pete’s story has a perfect ending, Ralet and the staff are confident that their other long-term residents will fall into line soon.

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