At the garden, a woman discovers her ‘lost’ dog hugging with a stranger

Atlanta was at a local dog park with her dog, Cyan, until something happened that made her obviously worried.

Cyan normally plays and runs around with the other dogs in full daylight. Cyan , on the other hand, vanished in an instant.

«I lost the sense of him for a few instants in the garden among all the other dogs.» «It’s really quite sizable and crowded with dogs.»

Cyan, on the other hand, was not lost or missing. He’d simply paused play — and for the cutest of causes.

Clay had obviously noticed that his cheerful, full of love presence would be useful to another park-goer who was sitting alone on a seat.

So Cyan reached him and sat at his feet. Atlanta’s checking eyes later discovered him, hugging up with the man. It’s difficult to say what Cyan noticed in the man that prompted him to offer him interest that day.

«Cyane always uncovers people who really need the love and attention.» And, to be honest, a little additional love from a lovely dog like Cyan is always appreciated.

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