Chris Evans, 42, and girlfriend Alba Baptista, 26, share a loving video on Instagram

By eventually being Insta Oficials, Chris Evans and Alba Baptista have made a significant stride in their connection.

After being seen holding hands with rising actress Allba, 26, the Marvel actor, 42, has indeed been connected to her for some time.

Subsequently, it was revealed that the two had been probably dating for more than a year, and a source claimed that Chris had «never been pleased.»

The Captain America actor now seems to have put an end to the rumors by verifying their relationship with an unbelievably adorable Instagram picture.

It later turned out that everything in the actor’s 2022, or more specifically, him and Alba tricking each other, was Alba. The actor uploaded a video highlight reel of what his 2022 appeared like on Thursday.

In the video, Chris can be seen repeatedly moving on the ground in laughing as Alba and Chris alternately move out and yell at each other to scare the other person.

After making him to the spot where he dropped to the ground, Alba was overjoyed and snuggled up with him as he regained.

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