Could Labrador and Sphynx have a strong and amusing friendship?

Dogs and cats are total opposites who cannot be friends, but today’s story proves the opposite. The friendship of Labrado and sphynx has sparked much discussion.

The owners of animals have set up a special page. After a few weeks, Thor and Nate’s channel had a large number of people who awaited new videos each day.

A cat and a dog need to be the same age to become friends and inseparable. Thus, they were both adopted at the age of two months.

As per their owners, they did not interact with each other at first, were cautious and closed, but after a week, they became very friendly.

There is also video of Natae stealing food from the top cupboard, with the Labrador assisting him in climbing the cupboard and skilfully holding it so that the sphinx does not drop.

They were sure the owners couldn’t see them and didn’t know anything at the time, but the owner, stood in a small corner of the room and managed to watch the scene and recorded everything.

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