Cucumbers are a favorite food of a cat from Finland

«Since Mauri was a cat, he has forever been inquisitive to understand what sort of food I cook, and he for the most part tastes a little cheddar or meat.

My standard sandwich has cuts of cucumber, so he wound up keen on it as well, and as I realize that cucumbers are ok for felines, I give it a little occasionally.

I think he loves the way that it’s crunchy on the grounds that occasionally Maury additionally prefers to nibble the leaves of plants like chunks of ice, however obviously he could do without them as much as cucumbers, «said the lady.

«I never thought it was odd that he cherished cucumbers since we had a canine who likewise adored cucumbers. This has forever been typical for me, «shared Heli.

Maury is a somewhat exceptional feline. 90% of the time, we loung in the house. He resides like a totally typical house feline. In summer, we like to stroll around the parks and timberlands.

We likewise frequently take the train to visit my family, who lives four hours via train.

«Here in Finland, Mauri is somewhat of a big name. He has seemed a few times on public TV and TV news, and some of the time we are welcome to go along with him in neighborhood bistros.»

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