‘I believe he can destroy the challengers like I used to,’ says the mentor. Ex-Gladiators star ‘Wolf’ Michael Van Wijk, 70, is excited to see his son Dean, 34, pursue in his footfalls on the show’s remake

His father, Michel Van Wijik, established a reputation for himself as Wolf on Gladiators for seven seasons.

But, following his father’s run from 1993 to 2001, Dean, 35, is hoping to obey in his 70-year-old dad’s legacy when the quiz show returns next year, actually applied for the restart — and he’s even preparing to travel by the title Wolf Cub.

Dean told The Sun, ‘I’ve everytime desired to wear Lycra and run people around.’ ‘I think he can tear the challengers like I used to,’ Michael added.

The popular 91s TV show saw members of the public competitive against a cast of strength training and athletes known as Gladiators in its early days, attracting 14 m. viewers.

While Dean is convinced he can face the challenge, he recognizes he has big shoes to fill in order to compete with his father.

Dean stated that when he was a child, his father made him a small lycra outfit to match Wolf’s, and Michel conducted him on his forearms around Birmigham’s National Indor Arena, where the production was filmed.

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