In a spectacular test of strength, rhinos manage to keep lions at bay

This shocking film shows animals in a trial of-solidarity go head to head with rhino on a soil track in the bramble.

Lions can be seen on the track, just feet away from four rhino.

A little bit away, a young lion spots the opportunity and charges, forcing the rhino to turn around and fight it.

‘In the 6 years we’ve been in the park, we’ve only seen animals encounter.’ ‘On that morning, I saw animals, so I went down a street and saw them out and about, then they sauntered into the thicket,’ Marek continued.

Three or four separate vehicles were observing, and they all moved away. «No, no, no,» I assured Gail, «those lions are wandering towards something.»

As per Marek, this was more a trial of solidarity. He said: ‘Assuming you watch the video, the youthful lions are near the rhinos, then, at that point, the huge male comes stepping in.

‘It’s practically similar to he provided them an order, pivoted, left and they let the rhinos be.’

The generally intriguing and wonderful sight might get significantly more uncommon.

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