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History of the race: Shar Pei have a place with the most seasoned canine varieties that exist on our planet. As per researchers, these canines were significantly under the rule of the Chinese Han line: 220-202 BC.

With respect to the Shar-Peis country, a few specialists accept that the principal Shar-Pei showed up in Kwun Tung territory, situated on the shoreline of the China Sea, while others are certain that this occurred in Tibet or North China.

Appearance: Remotely, the Shar Pei is a medium-sized canine with a square development, a big head, legs and a medium-length tail.

A trademark component of breed delegates is the excess skins, which collect kinks on their bodies.

The nature and attributes of the variety: With respect to character, in these canines it is pretty much as particular as appearance. The vast majority feel that the Shar Pei is a quiet, adjusted and, surprisingly, impassive animal.

As a rule, the delegates of this breed are pets that will effortlessly track down a typical language with every relative.

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