Internet users were surprised by a zoo employee’s little-known animal information

A local escort to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio sees himself as one of the watchmen of the creature secret and likes to share obscure bits of trivia about creatures that will definitely surprise you.

Pink flamingos have astonishing legs.

«Individuals frequently believe that the knees of pink flamingos twist back. Nonetheless, what you find in the leg isn’t the knee by any means, however the lower leg. The knee of the pink flamingo is higher.

Kangaroo mothers produce various sorts of milk.

«It just so happens, a kangaroo mother can breastfeed three kangaroos simultaneously. While one is in his stomach, the other can sit in his pocket and get milk from an areola, while the third can move alone.

Elephants perceive themselves in the mirror.

At the end of the day, they can perceive their own appearance in a mirror. Specialists tried it by drawing an imprint on the temple of an elephant and afterward showing it a mirror.

The elephant contacted the imprint, showing that he realizes he is checking himself out. Aside from them, just unrivaled primates, dolphins and, inquisitively, jaybirds can perceive themselves in the mirror.

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