James Cameron predicts that Avatar: The Way of Water will ‘easily’ turn a profit at the box office, paving the way for more sequels. Avatar 4, 5

Finally, James Cameron is relieved to report that Avatar: The Manner of Water will ‘easily’ make a profit, enabling him to begin work on the 3 and 4 installments in the film series.

The assured filmmaker joked that he «can’t squirm out» of directing the second season Avatar film as the film carried $1.6 bilion (£1.25 billion) at the worldwide box ofice and beat Top Guun: Maverik to become greatest movie of 2022.

He had generally found that the film’s production was «very costly» and that it needed to be among the top 3 or 4 highest — earning movies of all time in order to reach even (the first film is still at number one).

But now, worries have indeed been abated as he revealed: «It looks like I can’t get out of this situation and I’m going to have to produce these other remakes,» he said. «With the acceleration that the film has now, we’ll pass easily our cut perhaps within the next few times.»

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