Let’s all unite behind this adorable rescue dog who gets all dolled up for his new family but never sees them

Alex believed he’d finally found a family at the society after over a year of living there.

On Tuesday, the Staffordshire terrier blend got looking sharp and shown up at Center eager to meet his possible adopters.

The meet-and-welcome was the last advance simultaneously — the family had proactively finished up an application and talked with cover staff. However at that point they won’t ever appear.

At last, Alex understood that being his day wasn’t going.

Alex came to the others conscious society last April from a stuffed country cover.

The 4-year-old canine promptly won the hearts of everybody.

The social little guy loves to play outside and afterward relax around, lapping up any consideration he can get.

Other than requiring a feline free home, Alex is simply searching for somebody to adore him and give him an advancing life.

The sanctuary staff realizes the right family is out there for him — which is the reason it was so shocking to watch his expectations get squashed.

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