On the veranda, a man has an embarrassing incident with his neighbor’s cat

Having met a cat can take several forms, differing from eyes on shins and pleasant limps at the legs to playful faraway gazes indicating that a pet or two may be allowed. Howls and scuffs are also possible.

Thr\e meeting happened while they were both standing on the verandas of their separate homes in Italy.

Of course, no one knows what was going through the neighbor cat’s mind as she placed outside to scoop up some rays, only to have to share the experience with some passerby next door.

She didn’t appear especially pleased, to be sure.Even though instagram user joked that the cat was a «hunter,» only one of them was shooting a scene the other that day, supposedly without permission.

Cats, on the other hand, can be emotionally unstable — and unafraid of expressing their emotions.

Despite, let’s hope their icy, odd relations melting in the interest of peace. Alternatively, as the steely-eyed cat indicates, her curious neighbor could go ahead and search for a new place to live.)

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