Over and over, a sweet shelter dog is left aside because he is ‘too big’

Reina was taken in by creature focuses a long time back as a wanderer.

He was before long embraced, yet sadly, he turned into a wanderer once more and wound up back at the haven again.

Since the time then, at that point, his companions at the sanctuary have been attempting to think that he is the ideal permanent spot to live, yet they simply continue to hear exactly the same things again and again.

Reina is 6 years of age, so while he has a couple of years of experience, he actually has bounty more to come.

With regards to his character, he’s fundamentally only a major little dog.

He cherishes going on strolls, playing with different canines, going for rides in the vehicle and getting puppuccinos from Starbucks once in a while.

He has such a lot of affection forever, and presently he simply needs a family to impart it to.

Reina hasn’t had a lot of karma in observing the ideal home, however his companions at the asylum haven’t surrendered.

His fantasy family is who knows where, and they will adore each gigantic, fleecy inch of him.

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