Puppy and the lion will always be friends

It is by and large accepted that felines and canines can’t get along. There is even a maxim: «live like a feline and a canine».

A lion and a little creature from the colorful creature park of Wynnewood, Oklahoma, demonstrate the inverse: a lion and a canine are indivisible.

The relationship started when Mio dealt with the lord of the wilderness when he was just somewhat one.

Milo and two other dachshunds, Bullet and Angel, feeling that the little one was struggling, attempted to comfort and safeguard him.

So presently, after five years, this strange group of four should be visible in the Exotic Animals Park.

The Bondigger has turned into a big male weighing in excess of 200 kilograms, which makes bantam midget dachshunds look so little.

Backwoods Ranger John Reinke saw the beginning kinship between these obviously inconsistent creatures. He said:

«This connection between the little tascas and the lion is extraordinary. They play together, get to know one another and even eat crude meat together. »

It is intriguing to take note of that Mio is in any event, attempting to emulate the lion’s snarl.

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