Puppy left on the road and decided to wait days for family to return for him

Lee stayed quiet around a crossroads, perhaps hoping somebody would drive by and recognise him. The puppy had been abandoned with 2 other dogs.

The lost pets walked the landscape for more than a week, waiting for the people who abandoned them to come back. The dogs slept in a tin pipe beneath the road because they had nowhere else to go.

Thankfully, a kind stranger spotted him and his mates and warned animal rescuer, who moved over. Matlok was heartbroken when she saw how the dog was really doing.

«He was in poor shape,» Matlok mentioned. «which broke my heart.»

The first of the three to be rescued was Oakle. The other 2 were apprehended soon after and taken to foster homes to recover.

Matlok returned Oakle to her house, where he quickly relaxed. His friendly demeanor soon became apparent.

«He’s such a cute, smart dog who lives to make people happy,» said Matlok. «I was upset that people could be so unfair.»

Matlok showered Oakle and made arrangements for his medical care. Matlok was confident that Oakley would be adopted soon.

And yes that happened shortly. So the family adopted him within several days.

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