The first analyses for Avatar: The Way of Water laud director James Cameron

The feedbacks for filmmaker Cameron’s Avatar: The Manner of Water are finally in after a variety of movie releases around the globe.

The first wave of feedback was released on Tuesday night, with the film receiving an 83% on Rotten Tomatoes out of 133 reviews.

Reviewers from all over the world, such as the Daily Mail’s own Brian Viner, lauded Cameron’s direction and visually stunning, albeit the story and inflated 3 running time were criticized in so many feedback.

‘This remake is great fun, even larger and better than the classic, but by lordy it will test your urethra,’ Viner wrote in his 4 review.

‘Yes, this is an absurdly long film,’ he continues, ‘but so was David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia, which filmmaker Cameron cited as a big influence on Avatar for its ‘good, ancient, teenage journey storytelling,’ and that was lengthier.’

Pandora, according to Viner, «looks utterly stunningly gorgeous,» especially in 3D, but he doesn’t think it’s «a movie for the eras.»

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