The photo of two deer strolling together does not turn out as expected

Nikoleta has been visiting a park in Austria near her home where many creatures enjoy playing. She’d seen a variety of creatures there, but she was only concerned with the deer this time.

She took a few photos of the deer before returning back. On her way home, she noticed 2 deer running around a field and quickly got off her car to take more pictures.

She was going through her photos the next day when she came across one that made her laugh out loud.

In the image, there appeared to be two deer, one normal and one ghostly. She decided to share the photo online so he could get feedback from others about what had happened.

Despite the fact that many other people had their own ideas and thoughts about the image, it appears to be a bit of a mystery.

«I decided to share it because I thought it was amusing and interesting, and I received the most amusing responses.»

She is relieved that no one will ever understand for certain what the photograph depicts.

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