The tale of a kind-hearted cat that, following recovery, assists other animals at the veterinary clinic

It occurred in a humble community in Poland. The story started when Radameres was conceded to сlinic when he was just a little cat, just two months old.

A little cat experienced extreme stomach torment, brought about by a infection in the cat’s stomach. The cat felt exceptionally bad and the vets didn’t think that they would be able to help this small creature.

The therapy of the little cat endured a few days: After long time it was not so easy to recover, but the cat kept up all the time and tried his best to overcome all difficulties that he had on his way.

Veterinarians didn’t surrender with such ease — so they chose to do all that could be within reach to make this little cat live and be sound.

Also, presently, after some season of dynamic treatment, Radameres has gradually started to recuperate.

All the staff of the сlinique breathed out his pressure.

«Radameres sits close to each creature and quiets the creatures during recovery in our center and gives important help to wiped out creatures.»

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