When a woman discovers a puppy she realizes she is not alone

When Dianne received a call about a family of pit bulls in need of assistance, she knew the rescue operation would be difficult.

According to the passanger who discovered them, at least 3 puppies were hiding in an oversized backyard, and their fearful mother was driven to safeguard them.

When she arrived, she noticed some pups hidden in plain sight, but she knew she really can not help protect them first.

«I assumed, ‘Sure, I’m just going to try to just get mom first as I don’t know what her response is going to be when I start to pick up her pups,» said Dianne.

In less then minutes, Dianne’s dog, , was saved inside the car. «When mother was safe, I set about discovering the puppies,» Dianne explained.

Dianne returned the puppy to her mother in the car before setting out to discover the others. Dianne was able to find all of them and to bring to their mother.

«I got them all in the car and very happy for that» said Dianne. the pups got a lot of love and care in the care center.

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