You’ll be surprised to find out who the dog’s real friends are

Since the time he was a pup, Mika has generally been a sweet, delicate soul. He adores assisting his mother with whatever she’s doing, particularly when she’s out in the nursery.

The family’s nursery is home to heaps of various blossoms and plants, which draw in many butterflies — and it didn’t take long for Mika to become companions with all of the lawn butterflies

Milka has become a favorite of the butterflies, who frequently land on him to spend some time with him. He’s always really nice with them, allowing them to perch on him for as long as they like.

The family’s nursery has become such a safe house for butterflies that they regularly come from all over, and Mika never botches a chance to watch and spend time with any new butterfly who chooses to come by.

However, it resembled a haze of butterflies coming. He recently continued to gaze toward them in wonder. Thinking this way and that so quick to not to miss any!

Mika adores his butterfly pals and will always go out of his way to be nice and protect them whenever they are there.

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