5 images of animals whose lives have been altered by human love, before and after

Before and after: 5 photos of animals that have been changed by human love. Unfortunately, by the will of fate, millions of animals find themselves on the street, abandoned and useless.

But some of them are very lucky — caring people give them new life and receive incredible gratitude and love in return. Take a look at the photos of animals before and after that will touch your heart.

«They wanted to put this beast to sleep, but we saved him in time and gave him a new life.

I took Booby for 10 years to the shelter. Here are his changes in a few months with us.»

«The former owner abandoned this cat. Later, no one wanted to take him because he» looked angry. «We took him, and he turned out to be a wonderful gentleman.»

This bitch mother was on the street while living in a cardboard box with her babies. Look how happy she is now!

«When I picked her up in the street, she was pregnant. I took her home, I helped raise the babies. Later, we gave them, and this beauty remained with me forever.»

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