A cat survived a fall from six floors on a car and will be the subject of a painting

A cat fell from the sixth floor and broke the windshield of a Dnipr painter’s car. The artist took a unique approach to this event, depicting a four-legged jumper.

The man will not seek restitution from the cat’s owner. He agreed to deal with the situation on his own and will even help with the four-legged animal’s care.How a cat survived after falling on a car?

According to the cat’s owner, the cat fell from the edge of a window and tried to land on a parked car. The animal’s owner was a grandmother from the area.

She explained to the witnesses that she had left the window open for a short time. The cat took a stroll in a neighbor’s loggia, but he was unable to return and fell down the stairs.

The cat was fortunate, as the vehicle saved him from a fall on the street. He will not demand that the cat owner pay for a new side window.

He chose to create a portrait of the cheerful four-legged creature. Furthermore, the artist wishes to assist the animal in taking care of itself.

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