A cat, two dogs, a rabbit, a duck, and ducklings form an unusual group

The most strange group lives in the place of French picture taker Natasha. Bunny, duck, ducklings and two four-year-old German shepherds. In all honesty, they are unbelievably cordial.

At the point when Natasha was a young lady, she had a subdued duck. Little Natasha longed for going with her pet out traveling all over the planet.

However, at that point, obviously, it was impractical. Numerous years after the fact, a grown-up lady recalled her fantasy and chose to acknowledge it.

Around then, Natasha imparted rural lodging to two shepherd canines and a hare. The enormous shaggy canines ended up being the most delightful creatures and quickly took on a little bunny.

Then Natasha purchased a duck. They became companions and started strolling together, swimming together in the stream and rushing to the wall of the nursery. Natasha named the duck Paola.

At the point when Limoni harmed her leg a couple of years after the fact while washing, Natasha was stood up to with an unforeseen issue: in France, during a pandemic, finding a veterinarian equipped for looking at the duck. Luckily, the bird recuperated rapidly.

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