A clever kitten hides on a garbage truck, leading people on an incredible rescue mission

Eva may have had the most daring day of her life. The 3 month old stray animal was led by good people after difficult period before she was saved.

«A man from the closest office informed the rescuers that cat had jumped from a big car.»

A lot of witnesses helped rescuers find the kitten.

«When she saw us and the food, she came out, but she stayed away for the rest of the day.» She clearly wanted to be with us when she came within a few feet of us and meowed and purred.

Despite this, Evan fantasized about being taken away, but she never gave in.

Despite the long hours, rescuers did not give up. Two more people eventually arrived, hoping to surround Eva and assist her.

Eva was nearby, and just in time, a tiny frog jumped!

Eva was temporarily disoriented by the frog, which was all it took for Mary to finally grab her and transport her to safety.

She is currently staying with a foster, one of the rescuers—until she finds a permanent home.

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