A couple has an awe-inspiring encounter with a herd of magnificent wild cats

While driving in the city, Leon and her friend, Ron,came upon a scene they will probably remember forever.

There, in the colder time of year scene simply off the street, were five lovely lynx out for walk.

The couple just needed to pull over for a superior look. «We were staggered,». «Neither of us had at any point seen a lynx, quit worrying about five in a gathering.»

The famously slippery wild felines, their long, cushy coats keeping them comfortable in the crisp February air, appeared unbothered as Klassen started taking photographs.

Klassen and her significant other looked as the lynx moved smoothly across the blanketed scene — getting a very close glance at the elements of their family bunch.

«Whenever the mother halted, they generally halted. «The mother was great, majestic nearly. She blew my mind!»

After a short time, the amazing experience attracted to a nearby as the wild felines went across the street and forged ahead with their way.

The locating of the animal was brief, however for the fortunate couple, will appreciate until the end of time.

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