A couple hears somebody locked in their pipe and is surprised to discover who it is

They weren’t concerned at first when they heard a strange voice coming from the pipe.

After 3 days, they understood that what was making the noises was slowly making its way down the fireplace and would most probably need additional help out.

«We began thinking squirrel perhaps.» «We accidentally opened the fireplace and verifying as much as we knew, but we couldn’t find anything.»

Eventually, the noises coming from the fireplace were quite able to be heard, and the animal they mistook was at the bottom, ready to be released.

They opened the front door and gathered some blankets and pillows to gently evict their friend from the house.

«We yelled, but we both love birds, so it was pretty cool and we felt unique.» Fortunately, the bird appeared to be safe and sound, and he flew around the sitting room until they capable of opening a window and let him out.

They thought that was the end of it, it was not because the bird they saved now comes by to greet all the time. «The next day, he was there watching us eat a meal. «I believe he likes us.»

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