Owl Mom is overjoyed to find babies in her nest after her eggs didn’t hatch
All through the past 2 years, this sure owl has endeavored to be a
A rescuer discovers a ‘Tiny fluff ball’ on the earth and finds it is alive
A Stranger walking through Bristol, noticed a fuzzy ball of cotton lying on the
Man looks into a parrot’s nest and discovers an unusual family
One day Mac and his wife were driving through a wooded area back to
A small bird flies into a woman’s workshop and begs for assistance
Charlie was settling in other day of work in her studio when she noticed
Eagle captured a baby falcon for dinner and eventually adopted it
A bald eagle was seen seizing a hawk child from a home in Canada,
A parrot settles on a reporter’s shoulder and then robs him live on television
Nicol, a reporter, was in Chile the previous day to report on a recent
A researcher analyzes parrot songs and discovers the most delightful thing
The yelps and chirps of a parrot’s call may appear to the casual listener
A couple hears somebody locked in their pipe and is surprised to discover who it is
They weren’t concerned at first when they heard a strange voice coming from the
Why do birds do the brindle in autumn if they’re «drunk?»
Violent creatures that attack, crash to the ground, and act curiously are becoming increasingly
Williams hears voices from the shore and ends up saving a life
Martin Williams was rowing through the blue waters of Weymouth Port in the U.k.