Man looks into a parrot’s nest and discovers an unusual family

One day Mac and his wife were driving through a wooded area back to their home something captured their eye.

2 helpless baby parrots were trapped on the ground in the bushes by a fallen tree. The two decided to save them, which ended up saving more than just the birds’ lives.

Mac and his wife cared for the baby birds they rescued and brought home until they fully matured. One of the birds tried to fly away at that point, never to be heard from again.

Despite having complete freedom to do so as well, the other chose to stay. Loro has been allowed to come and go since then, always finding a comfortable nest on Mac’s loving arm.

Mac, on the other hand, recently observed a shift in the bird’s habit. Loro would frequently leave during the day to travel around the world, but she would always return by late night.

The cats that Loro had adopted were soon accepted by Mac’s family.

Admittedly, it’s appropriate that a bird who was saved and brought up by an unusual family would go on to do something similar for a species other than her own.

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