Stunning photos of the ‘Angry Bird’ who is literally always angry

There are animals that have unique faces, but this particularly enraged bird could well take the cake.

The pied starling is a small bird with special personality.

Their eyes are serious, and their nostrils are fixed with a part of yellow that bends into a glare.

Each of their highlights adds up to a swarm of quite bizarre-looking birds — and it’s difficult not to smile at how adorably heated these birds are at all times.

Birds don’t frequently ring a bell while discussing creatures with very expressive appearances, which makes the birds starling special and extremely fun.

Envision running into one of these folks out in the wild with their furious little faces demanding that somebody has violated them. They’re very much a sight to see.

These small birds will usually congregate in groups, which is fascinating to observe. Huge throngs of enraged people congregated in one place. An unmistakable swarm of enraged birds.

Theis cute one is a fascinating bird with the most enraged expression anyone has seen, and it’s completely awesome.

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