A dog was seen frozen in a hole on the runway by passengers on a regular bus

Out and about, a dear young lady saw a canine. Snow and cold all around. Furthermore, not a solitary soul, just passing vehicles. Indeed, even the young lady couldn’t take the canine with her.

She left a sweeping for the creature, took care of it, touched it, took a few photographs and has proactively posted a message from the transport containing data about the canine found.

Workers of the «Polyanka» cover saw a message in the «I’m lost» bunch, reached the young lady who sent the specific contact subtleties.

From this way of behaving, it quickly turned out to be evident that the canine inhabited home. Be that as it may, endeavors to find its previous proprietors.

The canine’s name was Garik. He was depleted, dried out, got intravenous and inspected by a veterinarian. Continuously, the canine started to recuperate and recover strength.

«The canine is cheerful, as we are with him. He cherishes me more than any other person. At the dacha, he safeguards neighbors. It is extravagant, «made sense of Natalya.

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