A dog with a pointy hat was waiting to be adopted by a loving family, but they never showed up

This cute photo depicts an adoptable dog wearing a stylish top hat to entice potential adopters.

Gulliver has spent 265 days at the center. «When you dress up for potential adopters but no one requests to meet you,» they explained.

Gulliver’s video has been seen over 1.3 million times, and many TikTok users have expressed interest in adopting it.One person stated: «He’s only a 30-minute drive away. I’m now discussing it with my hubby.»

Then there was a third, who wrote: «Someone please go right now and adopt this sweet, handsome boy! He is deserving of the entire cosmos.»

Another user remarked, «What a gorgeous and dashing gentleman.»

In light of their involved acquaintance with individuals, canines have stretched out to incalculable local individuals and procured the ability to bloom with a starch-rich eating schedule that would be lacking for various canids.

Over the hundreds of years, canines ended up being strangely acclimated to human approach to acting, and the human-canine bond has been a subject of consistent survey.

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