A dog’s reaction after smashing his beloved pillow by accident

Drex is a pit bull and there is something that brings him solace through his great and awful times.

A heart-formed pad with arms is Drex’s most valued belonging, and he conveys it any place he goes.

Tragically, because of an oddity mishap, the canine’s #1 pad appeared to be bound for the garbage, something Drex couldn’t permit.

He has dealt with his pad since he was safeguarded by Allie from a raiser, the stranded puppy, he was just fourteen days old.

Since then, his pillow has accompanied him everywhere, and despite his proclivity for destroying all toys, his relationship with his cushion is unique.

Unfortunately, something unexpected happened when Drex’s pal wanted to play and share a cushion with him.

Drex didn’t exactly like his companion taking the pad, so he got overprotective and needed to grab the pad from him, breaking it simultaneously.

Then, at that point, Drex’s darling grandma took the cushion to her sewing machine and started playing out the comparing «medical procedure» to fix the harm.

For the time being, Allie and her mother will continue to mend Drex’s favorite pillow until he tires of it, which may never happen.

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