A funny story of a cat who thinks he’s a dog and befriends three Great Danes

A daring little feline has reinforced with his goliath canine kin to the point that he’s begun behaving like them.

Lincoln even takes strolls with his immense mates.

He has known the canines since the time he was a little cat, and proprietor says he’s never shown any dread.

The resigned corporate chief says: ‘I needed to ensure being a mistake wasn’t going.

‘Yet, Liberty was stricken every step of the way and Lincoln was alright. ‘He was in control from the moment he strolled in.

‘I purchased a two-story feline enclosure to ensure he was protected while I went out, however I just utilized it once as they were fine.

Individuals are many times stunned when they see Jill’s colossal canines and small fellow Lincoln out on a walk together.

She’s taken to reporting their companionship, showing how the feline is actually the boss in their family.

‘I think individuals are scared by Great Danes since they are enormous, however they are so delicate and adoring.’

They are extraordinary with different creatures and truly satisfy their delicate goliath name.

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