A group of brave pigs banded together to take on a bear that had climbed into their pen

Keit took on two cute pet pigs, who currently live with her at home.

Pigs were hanging out in their fenced in area when a startling guest came around. The guest was a bear — and he was none too bashful about spreading the word.

The bear clambered up and in after seeing the pigs and their pudgy-faced occupants, possibly figuring that these pigs were pushovers. He was mistaken.

From the get go of the abrupt interloper, pigs collaborated to ask the bear to take a hike.

The bear obviously wasn’t anticipating that things should turn out that way. Subsequent to getting jumped on, Oxy set up a battle.

And afterward Lexy stepped in to drive the bear away for good. Incredibly, nor were harmed in the fight.

Shaw has always adored her pigs, but after witnessing video of their bravery in action, she can’t help but fall in love with them even more.

Thank heavens they were safe since it might have turned out a lot of more terrible. Oxy is generally the defender, and Lexy is normally terrified of his own shadow.

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