A homeless dog with a unique appearance simply wants to be loved

What you see is what you get with Andi: a funny, lovable pooch who is just as wonderful on the inside as he is on the outside.

Andi was discovered as a stray on the streets of Baltimore City and taken to Maryland.

The personnel at the shelter couldn’t believe their eyes when they spotted a 50-pound dog with a cartoon face and flipper-like paws.

A test with the haven’s vets uncovered that Andi was as yet a pup, at just 8 months old, and that his little lower jaw had been with him from birth.

Andi’s facial deformation never appears to irritate him or hinder him being an excellent kid. The main thing better than Andi’s sweet face is his accommodating character.

The remarkable little guy simply appears to be thankful to associate with individuals who care for himself and appreciate his conversation.

Sadly, observing a permanent spot to live hasn’t been basic for Andi.

Ideally, Andi can find a victor soon and give all his adoration to somebody who likes him for the stand-out canine he is.

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