A large dog and a small baby pony are best friends who enjoy kissing one other

Four-month-old Sutton met Dom from which point they were quickly stricken with one another.

The pair have taken to giving each other kisses, preparing one another, laying down for rests together, eating together and taking walks close to their home.

Out of every one of the canines, it was Dom who imparted a moment association witha little Sutton.

Emma said: ‘We aren’t exactly certain assuming Sutton thinks Dom is a pony, or on the other hand in the event that Sutton thinks he is a canine, or perhaps a touch of both.

‘You can see Sutton gets invigorated when he sees Dom coming as well’. The pair love spending time with one another, in any event, going on lead strolls together.

It appears to be something stands out about Dom, to some extent in Sutton’s eyes, in light of the fact that the little man ‘has an exclusive, keen interest in eyes for his pal Dom’.

‘It is totally exceptional,’ said Emma. ‘We can hardly hold on to keep on perceiving how their bond fortifies and develops.

‘So while I have for a long time truly needed a horse, incidentally, we appear to have procured another horse estimated canine.

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