A loving cat adopts an orphaned baby bobcat.Let’s see how they get along

Last october, the rescue center received a call about a baby bobcat who had been left by her parents.

Luckily, kitten was found to be in excellent health — but only physically. She teared up out of heart break and sadness while separated from her mother.

But she didn’t have to go long without a loving parent.The bobcat kitten’s emergency workers quickly contacted recovery association.

Hobun, a big-hearted foster mom who’s raised several cats and kittens of felines not her own, is one of their inhabitants.

Caro said, «She’s very, really quite caring, so we knew she’d be perfect for the bobkitten.» «Seeing them together completely warms my heart,» Caro said.

«As far as we recognize, this has never been attempted before, so it was a bit of a risk, but I’m delighted they’re doing so well.»

Hobun, as a domesticated cat, is unlikely to teach the bobcat kitten the abilities she requires to stay alive in the wild, so her position in the kitten’s life will be momentary.

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