A man builds a small squirrel village.  Look at how happy the animals are to be there:  photos of the wooden structure

During the quarantine, Peter decided to take up a new hobby. In his garden, he planned to build a tiny town for squirrels. Paul had traveled extensively before reaching his 40s.

During his time of loneliness, the new rhythm of passive life bores him. «I travelled a lot before my 40s, and biking across continents. I lived in Canada for a while and miss the natural beauty there.

I was particularly impressed by the close-up views of bears and wolves «Peter stated.That’s why the man decided to entertain himself in his spare time.

This project took Peter 18 months to complete. Animals come in large numbers and can spend a significant amount of time there.

«I don’t have a t.v at home, so I sit and watch animals for hours. It relaxes me «Peter introduced.

Now the small town as a lot of visiters who enjoy playing and spending time in the cutest town ever nad for the creatures.

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