A mother and daughter cat pair is looking for a new home. Let us lend a hand to them

The felines are searching for a long-lasting home, however they haven’t gotten a solitary rehoming application since showing up at the safe house.

It’s indistinct why this is the situation. Cart, the white and tortoiseshell feline, is nine years of age, and her little girl Tiddles, the dark-striped cat and white feline, is eight.

‘To these young ladies, age is only a number,’ says Claire Kendall, the sanctuary’s creature place director, so individuals ought not be put off.

The couple came into the middle on the grounds that their proprietor could never again focus on them, and they disliked their ears from the outset (which is the reason Dolly has such a charming crinkled set).

They’re both related and best buddies, and they’re incredibly nice kitties who love to cuddle up together.

‘We have no idea why these girls are being disregarded in this way,’ Claire added.

‘They are active and sociable, and they like causing a commotion.

‘They’re often found wrapped up in bed together, and they’re really connected, so they need to be rehomed together,’ says the shelter.

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