A pit bull raised by cats believes she is a cat as well

Willo adores her parents and her younger sister Percie. Willo wishes to emulate everything Percie is doing.

She follows him around the house, snuggles with him on the bed, and even jumps with him when he gazes out the window.

Willo believes she and Percie are identical. Willo doesn’t realize that Percie is a tiny feline and hi is an adorably bit pit bull.

«They’d run nect each other, and Percie sits on the little cat tree to imitate her size.» In fact, Jaramilo appreciates how well her animals get along and how loving Willo is.

Willo is known for her wonder and friendly demeanor. Her feelings for her family members extend to everyone she meets.

«I think of her as a big baby,» Jaramilo said. «She follows us throughout the house and frequently has to be siting on us.»

She adores people with all of her heart and has a continuous wiggle but only when she meets someone new.» Willo is happy when she is with her family.

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