A poisonous snake was hiding in a shopping bag, and the cat found it and saved its owner life

A couple of days prior, a Dartmoor inhabitant Ricky Owens got back from the store and put shopping sacks close to the fridge.

Then the man went out for a couple of hours, leaving the front entryway open. When Ricky returned, he saw that his feline Gordon acted peculiarly.

«I went for tea in the cooler and saw that the feline was going after the sacks I had left close by,» reviews Ricky.

It worked out that a couple of centimeters from Ricky and his feline was a one-meter tiger snake.

The upset snake vanished under the fridge in a moment, and Ricky needed to face a serious challenge to get it.

«I just saw a couple of centimeters of snake stomach emerging from under the fridge» Ricky told ABC.

Luckily, the Australian figured out how to get the risky reptile by the tail and toss it over the wall in his nursery.

From here on out, a man will constantly be not kidding about the feline’s activities and will quit leaving the front entryway open, since he thinks the snake went into the house through it.

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