A shelter dog who had given up hope is rescued just moments before euthanasia

Moose’s life hasn’t always been straightforward. The lovely dog ended up on a shelter’s list after wandering the streets as a stray.

Moose appeared to have lost. Then he received the news that kept him alive — and it got just in time.

Since arriving at the animal center in May, potential adopters have passed over the old dog each time, and it has had an impact.

The lovely dog stopped rising from his bed, as if he’d given up hope and realized the time was ticking. Moose’s attitude unexpectedly altered when Garve took him out of his shelter.

«We discovered a dog who loved being outside, and who adored love,» Garve explained.

«We have so few chances to meet the canines and view how they act outdoors, which is clearly so separate, as this dog demonstrates,» Garve said.

Outside of the shelter, displaying Moose’s true personality worked. An hour before his scheduled euthanasia, Moose found his happy family.

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