A shelter dog who had lost all hope finds a loving owner thanks to a video shared

Luc thought he’d discovered his people the day when he was adopted. The adorable creature was overjoyed to be leaving Animal Shelter, for a forever home.

However, this did not last. Luc soon found himself back at the sanctuary, having given up hope of ever finding his loving owner.

«Our souls split for Luc as he attempts to be a shelter dog again.» «Over a period at our shelter with no interest in you can be difficult.» Luc was adopted from the sanctuary for the first time in April.

«Luc’s family loved him, but as he grew in size, it became too much for them to carry.»

The adorable puppy grew larger than predicted and was given back to the shelter in October, where his hopes for a better future faded.

«Luc is truly having problems because he was loved by his family,» says the post.

«Luc is one lucky kid!» The post has been updated. «Today, Luc found his new new family!» It only took one family to form a relationship.» So it appears that luck was on Luc’s side after all.

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