A shelter dog with ‘Teeth and claws’ is searching for one that will love him for who he is

Creon was adopted from House Rescue at the age of six months and was recently returned to the recovery at the age of ten and a half years because his family said he’d «spoiled one too several carpets.»

The pup is obviously confounded and is still getting used to life in his foster family. His adoptive family already absolutely loves him in every way.

«Since I first opened the passenger door, he was waiting in his dog bed worriedly.» «When he glanced at me, I found love with his ‘sharp teeth.’

Creon has 2 bottom teeth that swell up from his mouth. His extraordinary teeth do not appear to be causing him any discomfort, and he consumes food and drinks usually.

Despite the fact that his teeth end up making him stand out, Creon would prefer to merge in as he gradually adjusts to his new environments.

«He has warm hearted eyes, he wants human adoration more than anything else, he is polite to dogs, and he enjoys every last crumb of food,» Gioel explained.

He’s just a little worried, and all he wants is to find a place that will accept him for who he is.

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