A single British man, 56, shares his home with 70 cats. For 30 years, a man has been saving animals

In the city of Gаinsborough, Linсolnshire, United Kingdom, there is a 56-year-elderly person named Ian.

He has no spouse or youngsters, however it doesn’t irritate the Briton himself, in light of the fact that 70 of his number one felines live with him.

Ian has been living homeless creatures beginning around 1992. In the mean time, he has helped in excess of 5,000 felines, and trained a significant number of them to work with eрiletics.

Felines can expect an inevitable emergency at the proprietor’s premises, and that implies they can caution him.

As per the Briton, every one of his felines are solid and live in great circumstances. Now and again, he even strolls them. Consistently, he has a pet connoisseur for food and toys, yet additionally for treatment.

«I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t pursue ladies,» says Ian himself. — I simply invest energy with felines, and every one of the issues vanish. Furthermore, the room with felines is very warm.

I love animals and love spending time with them.

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