A small cat stuck in the sewer is rescued in the most innovative way

Caroline run to help an animal, when she got a call about a babyl stuck in a pipe. She hurried to the scene.

«As soon as I got outside the Jeep, I could hear her yowling.» Caroline explained, «I stared and noticed this small cat at the bottom of the pipe.» «She ought to be approximately seven weeks old.»

She knew she had to save the kitten fast as the kitten’s meows became more intense and evening reached.

But because the edges of the sewer pipe were soft and there were no metal tiers to allow her to slide down to where the kitten was, Caroline had to devise a different strategy.

«I returned to the Jeep and discovered a large bag of dog food,» she explained. «I cleared the meal into a box, cut a two hole, and cut 2 leashes to it to make it lengthy enough.»

The kitten was hesitant initially, but her hunger won out, and she slithered toward the bag and began licking the food within it.

Caroline delivered the feline to an animal center. But the feline didn’t remain long, quickly finding a forever place.

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