A stray dog discovered in a gas station parking lot has become a PetSmart model

Layle spreads love every place she gets into. A center group found Layle, who was alone, in the gas station.

They knew they could help her have a better future even though they didn’t know how long she had been there.

After a few days, the center found her home and start her career, giving joy to a lot of people. Her new mother is her staunchest advocate.

«Shortly after adopting Layle, I started taking her to work with me at the Pet Smart store, and she was fantastic.»

«She makes an excellent desk companion.» «I started volunteering her for more photoshoots because she had a natural talent for it,» Crews explained.

Crews first met Layle on his way home from work. She decided to move forward with the adoption after consulting with her family.

She couldn’t take her thoughts away from Layle, who she knew would fit right in.

When they met, Layle was happy to see them.. Village is a good place to find adoptable animals like Layle.

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