A stray dog who was given months to live receives the best gift from the woman who secured him

Moose’s bright smile can brighten any room he steps into. Regardless of the former stray’s infectious personality he never stopped believing that situations would finally move his way.

«We discovered Moose, but he was scared of us,» Natura explained. «While we were attempting to apprehend him, somebody referred out a house where Moose lived, so we went to talk with that occupant.»

She’d been feeding him for the past eight years.» A thorough examination revealed that he had heartworm disease.

Moose was given three to twelve months to live by the veterinarian, but since he had only newly found love and caring, he intended to stay.

«He must go to the vet weekly,» Natura said, «and we’re happy to report that he’s been in recovery for a couple months now.» «There are no symptoms of cancer as of today.» He’s doing fantastic! ”

Moose will continue to receive treatment for his other illnesses.»He’s a continual reminder that life seems to go on and that things can improve.»

Going through everything he did and still being pleased teaches us so many life lessons. He gives us meaning.»

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